“I am grateful to Him who has strengthened me, Christ Jesus our Lord, because He considered me trustworthy in appointing me to the ministry.”
1 Timonthy 1:12

We are called:

As part of the one, holy catholic and apostolic church, our mission is rooted in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

As an all inclusive community, we provide an affirming evangelical and sacramental presence to all in their diversity.

As an ecumenical community, we strive for the prophetic work of fostering unity while celebrating the various faith traditions among Christians in accord with Jesus' prayer "...That we may all be one."

As a servant people of God, we are called to ministries that are loving, inclusive, and justice bearing for the sake of God's reign by 
breaking down the divisions among the human family.

We believe:

Jesus Christ is the shepherd of the Church. The Holy Spirit creates and sustains the Church through the Gospel and thereby unites believers with their shepherd and with one another in the household of faith.

The oneness of all humanity, for each person has been made in the image of God, created by God and breathes with the breathe of life given by God. In the Gospel we all are one in Jesus Christ.

The evangelical mission of the Church is to all people. Each person is called by the Spirit to receive the welcome, comfort, shelter, and redeeming love of the Church; to partake in the gifts of Word and Sacrament as a member of the family of faith in response to and faith in the Gospel; and share in the mission and ministry of the Church.  
In accordance with the Gospel, this faith community rejects gender, physical challenges, sexual orientation, cultural heritage, or any other false dichotomy when these distinctions result in divisions to the family of God, for the very diversity of humanity reflects the image of God.